The first teaser of „Well” is out now

The first teaser of „Well” is out now


The second feature film by Attila Gigor is a romantic, exciting modern western. The story is built around a group of prostitutes on their way to Switzerland with their boss but the company got held up in the middle of nowhere on a gas station with its alcoholic owner and his son. During their long break waiting for help in the hot desert secrets and hidden emotions are slowly revealing in the newly formed company.

We can meet the cast by the character posters revealed earlier this summer: Niké Kurta, Nóra Trokán, Lia Pokorny, Irma Milovic, Roland Tzadetaas, Zsolt Kovács, Péter Jankovics, Zsolt László, Csaba Horváth, Dorottya Udvaros and Ferenc Pusztai are playing the members of the offbeat group.

Watch the teaser here:

After his directorial debut with the highly acclaimed The Investigator Gigor worked in the theather and on TV-Shows in the past few years while working on the script of Well. The shooting of the film began in summer of 2015 in the desert nearby Csákvár.

The theatrical premiere of the movie will be on 22 September.