Son of Saul competes in Cannes

Son of Saul competes in Cannes


Son of Saul, Hungarian director László Nemes’s first feature film, has been invited to the official programme of the 2015 Cannes Film Festival. The film recorded on 35 mm negative by the director of photography Mátyás Erdély is going to be screened from 35 mm print. Full analogue and digital post production was performed by the Hungarian Filmlab.

What makes the post production of the film interesting is that a complete traditional analogue production was done: the original 35 mm negative was cut manually and and the prints to be screened at festivals were made by traditional printing procedure. This was highlighted at the press conference of Cannes Film Festival.

Son of Saul tells the story of Saul Ausländer, an imaginary Hungarian inmate at Auschwitz who worked in the Sonderkommando, commissioned with collecting and burning the remains of those killed in the gas chambers. The members of the group were forced to live with the terrible secret for a few month before they themselves were murdered.

The movie’s script was written by the director and Clara Royer, the cast includes German, Polish, American and Israeli actors beyond the Hungarian protagonist. The main character Saul Ausländer is played by Géza Röhrig, a New York-based Hungarian amateur actor and poet.

The film won HUF 321.6 million in support from the Hungarian National Film Fund and was largely shot at a Budapest location and in the Mafilm Studios.

It is the first time in forty-six years that a Hungarian director’s first feature movie has been invited to the competition.