The 36th Hungarian Film Week

The 36th Hungarian Film Week


The 36th Hungarian Film Week was held from 1st to 8th of February. To our great pride The Hungarian Film Laboratory had the honour to make the logo animation film for the 36th Hungarian Film Week.

We have also made the laboratory works, of 10 feature films that were in competition during the Film Week.

Krisztina Deák - Who the Hell is Bonnie and Clyde?
Zsombor Dyga - Bedlam
Áron Gauder - The District
Diana Groó - A Miracle in Cracow
Márta Mészáros - The Unburied Man
Gábor Oláh J. - Rap, Revue, Romeo
Timár Péter - Heads Off!
Roland Vranik - Black Brush
Pál Erdöss - Glasswall
József Pacskovszky - See you in Space!

We have participated in the post production of the following experimental and short films:

László Csáki - Fluxus
Benedek Fliegauf - Spinning
Gergely Fogarasi - Tiny Stranger
Attila Gigor - Man in the Mirror
Szabolcs Hajdu - Everyday Encyclopedia
Sándor Kardos - Slitfilm
Tamás Keményffy - Lucky Man
Katalin Mészáros - Six floors of clear glass
Péter Mészáros - The Way of the Pig
Péter Mészáros - Kyrie
Kornél Mundruczó - Little Apocrypha No.2.
Attila Szász - Now you see me, now you don’t
Károly Ujj Mészáros - Them
Károly Ujj Mészáros - Palika puts out the Rubbish

We wish good luck to everyone who participated in the 36th Hungarian Film Week. And many successful projects in the future!