HD in the Laboratory

HD in the Laboratory


We have entered into a cooperation contract with HD Budapest Company. So the companies provide full service in the field of HD. Significant discounts.

The Laboratory is not againts itself and the traditional photographical cinemascope but it stands by the unstoppable developement and digital video recording. For the colour correction of HD recordings we offer the newest Baselight system while the other step of the technology is carried out by the ARRI Laser device completed with Hd option. We can even provide a complete HD service with our cooperating partner, the HD Budapest Company in the field of feature films, commercials and video clips. Our systems are well-constructed with the result of the assured good final quality.

Technologies come from one another, these are the following:


  • Renting HD Camcoder
  • HD editing
  • HD grading
  • Recording to 35mm film
  • Producing optical sound
  • Producing the copy of the film

A special example of applying this method: transcoding a HD record to a 35mm cinemascope film.