New members of the team

New members of the team


New graders, new machines Éva Balog, experienced colleague of the Film Laboratory and our new graders, who are high qualified experts, have been taught by Stefan Rehak, the well-known grader from Wien.

he more than six months long intensiv national training gives secure theoretical and practical base. The most up-to-date computer system, which was set up in the meantime, makes perfect paractical technique possible. Their suitability is proved by their works: "Broken Wings" graded by Judit Szép was awarded in Israel and on the 59th. Festival in Venice the film "Lover of pirots" (Pannonia- Zsófi Péterffi) graded by Éva Balog was awarded as The Best European Short Film.

Objectively about color timing

Peculiar situation has developed among grader experts in domestic film laboratories that work with motion pictures. Graders of the film produce the colours of positiv copies, in most cases on the ground of the cameramen’s idea.

Since only one laboratory was working through decades, graders were only hier. Or not?

Enjoying the expert team of the Film Laboratory, the possibilities of services and professional traditions, the graders who got to the top through earlier decades can’t identify with the domestic workshop where they are from. Such a life! We could say that and stop discussing that topic. But the situation is a bit more complicated and colourful. In a normal way a competitor of our Laboratory is starting to develop, which hasn’t had any rival so far. Popular graders supported by the Film Laboratory - now we can confess: deliberately and for its own sake - feel to be in a monopol situation to sign for starting laboratories with monopol conditions. The management of the Film Laboratory - recognizing the developement of the market - made a very competitive, in a sense a bit overacted offer, in vain. They think that they are without competitors. They are mistaken from more points of view.

They are wrong because talented members of the young generation - taking charge to prove themselves - can make up for the drawbacks of the past years in months with marvellous technological and creative senses without using methods that used to be considered indispensable. They are wrong because film making is under a serious change.Graders of films often made with digital effects and solutions can’t be imagined without well-grounded theoretical and practical knowledge in photography, familiarity with computer, experience in everyday life and knowledge of foreign languages. Are there such experts? According to national experience and the Hungarian Film Laboratory: yes there are some. More than six months ago started that training where under the leadership of the experienced and well-known Austrian grader Stefan Rehak the four most suitable young people out of 80 candidates prepared for the competition with theoretical bases in photography, experience in photographical grading and with professional English knowledge.

Neither for them, nor for the grader expert Éva Balog - who took part in many works abroad because of her experience and English knowledge - could cause any trouble the use of the most up-to-date colormaster grader equipment or using the facilities of the computer (storing pictures, various calibration etc.) and full-scope correction and handling of data on the computer.

The real challenge is yet to come for grader experts.Evaluation can be made by the film industry based on real knowledge and working relationship of trust and on the films of course.Without the model openness of film makers experienced at the newest domestic and foreign films and without indispensable cooperation a fair competition can’t be created in the field of color timing.

August. 2002.

László Aradi
Hungarian FilmLaboratory