Digital Dailies

  • Rendering dailies with Cortex Control Dalies
  • Storage and conversion of Arri Alexa, RED One,
    Epic, Scarlet, Canon, Sony F65 etc.
    camera footage for viewing and editing
  • Avid DNxHD,  Final Cut ProRes, DPX, EXR, JPEG, MPEG,  H264, DVD, BluRay format
  • R3D conform
  • Quality check and report
  • LTO 5, 6
  • Syncing
  • Color grading of dailies
  • Screening of dailies in 4K resolution in our cinema theater 

FILMLAB DAILIES for web view
Hungarian Filmlab introduces “Filmlab Dailies”, a new service developed by our own research and design team. Using “Filmlab Dailies” one can view the previous day’s shooting on the web anywhere in the world, within a secure environment, even on a smartphone. Any authorized member of the production team can create playlists, make comments on specific shots and download selected files. Authorization can be customised to each production.