Analogue works behind Son of Saul

Analogue works behind Son of Saul


Hungarian Filmlab introduces itself through Son of Saul and the secrets behind the analgue technique. Kodak made a portait about the Filmlab and shines a light on the details of the post-production of Son of Saul and the archiving services.

"As the name suggests, Magyar Filmlabor, The Hungarian Filmlab, has celluloid experience coursing through its veins – for more than 60 years the company has provided prestige film-processing services to all manner of filmmakers.

So when it came to supporting the desire of director László Nemes and his cinematographer Mátyás Erdély HSC for a pure, end-to-end, photochemical finish on KODAK 35mm film for Son Of Saul, the team was eager to rise to the challenge. The success of the project was such that Son Of Saul garnered a staggering 47 wins at film festivals worldwide and sparked fresh business opportunities for the lab amongst local and incoming filmmakers."

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