Hungarian Filmlab Award at Sofia Filmfest

Hungarian Filmlab Award at Sofia Filmfest


At Sofia Meetings, an event for upcoming projects at Sofia International Film Festival, Hungarian Filmlab gave the award for the best project among the ones who presented their second feature film. The award went to director and screenwriter Ali Jaberansari and producer Duchio Chiarini, who will be able to purchase post production services in the value of 10 000 EUR for their film under development, The Ladder.

The film takes place in a North-Irani little village where a tall wooden ladder has an important role in the life of its inhabitants. This ladder helps the Moazzen get on the rooftop of his house to recite the call to prayer as there is no mosque. The local community uses it as a bridge to cross the river, since the flood has destroyed the old wooden bridge and nobody cares to fix it. A young boy secretly climbs up the ladder to jump onto the roof of the neghbour’s house and meet his beloved one, the daughter of the neighbour while the teenage boys of the village send one of themselves onto a monument on the hilltop to notify them whenever a rich and pretty woman goes for a swim in the outdoor pool.

We look forward to the next step!