Aferim! wins Silver Bear for at Berlinale

Aferim! wins Silver Bear for at Berlinale


Radu Jude, Romanian film director received the prize for the Best Director at Berlin Film Festival 2015. The historical drama made in Romanian-Czech-Bulgarian coproduction was shot on black and white 35 mm film which was processed and digitized at the Hungarian Filmlab.

"If I knew I would win such a prize, I would have been more serious when shooting it," Radu Jude said on the Berlinale stage. He underlined that the prize for Best Director belongs to the entire team he has worked with in this project. In an interview earlier the director  also said that „… we wanted to make the audience understand from the very beginning that what they are seeing is a subjective re-enactment ... we concluded that the black-and-white film (namely, Kodak Double-X) was the most expressive and the one best suited for our project.”
The story, that takes place at the beginning of the 19th century, written by Florin Lăzărescu and Radu Jude follows a regional policeman and his teenage son tracking a runaway gypsy slave.

Jude’s short films and his debut feature, Cea mai fericita fata din lume (Happiest girl in the world) won several international prizes.