"Save the film" presented at the Split Film Festival


"Save the film" - a Croatian documentary from 1945 made by Antonio Perajica, one of the numerous archive films restored at the Hungarian Filmlab was presented at the Split Film Festival by Gábor Pintér.

"Restoration of films is primarily an ETHICAL issue. A restored film should look authentic as much as possible and should resemble the film the authors would produce if they could use the state-of-the-art technology of the period. 
Gabor Pinter, a filmmaker himself and also the Head of Archive Projects at the Hungarian Filmlab, gives a lecture on the ethical and technical aspects of the major digital and analogue film restorations and preservations carried out at the Hungarian Filmlab over the past decades.
Analysing the major restorations done at the Hungarian Filmlab, Gabor Pinter will give an insight into the challenges of film restoration and illustrate them using examples from the special presentations at Giornate di Cinema Muto in Pordenone, Cinema Ritrovato in Bologna, Special Screenings in Budapest and on other occasions."