Post production of In Another Lifetime – by DOP Jean Claude Larrieu

Post production of In Another Lifetime – by DOP Jean Claude Larrieu


"It is difficult for a director of photography to work with a lab that he isn’t familiar with [...] At the end of the process I left Budapest impressed by this valuable professional and personal experience, which is a true credit to Magyar Filmlabor." – wrote Jean Claude Larrieu, French director of photography about the post production work on In Another Lifetime. Larrieu photographed Paris, je t'aime (2006), The Secret Life of Words (2005) and My Life Without Me (2003) among others.

In Another Lifetime / Vielleicht in einem anderen Leben, directed by Elisabeth Scharang was premiered last week in the Hungarian cinemas. The film was made in Austrian-German-Hungarian coproduction, produced by EPO Films, Mythberg Films and Film-Line Productions. The Hungarian producer charged the Hungarian Filmlab with the whole post production. The director of photography, Jean Claude Larrieu wrote a letter to us talking about his experience about the shooting and the post production. He was mostly satisfied with the work done by Szabolcs Barta, our film grader and colorist:
"He is an experienced professional, open to the latest information and techniques. He also handles pictures with a natural ability to render density, color and contrast and above all, with an understanding of a projects’ artistic qualities."

"It is difficult for a director of photography to work with a lab that he isn’t familiar with because once all speeches and introductions are made, and even after test shots are taken, it isn’t easy to be convinced about the quality of a workflow. [...] The 35mm negatives were developed and rush prints were made, meeting all quality and timetable requirements. Later, the 2K calibration was done in real time on the big screen and in the excellent facilities of the laboratory which allowed for close and careful monitoring.[...]

At the end of the process I left Budapest, impressed by this valuable professional and personal experience, which is a true credit to Magyar Filmlabor."

The whole text (also about the shooting) can be read below, in the gallery.