2 perforation format in the Hungarian Filmlab

2 perforation format in the Hungarian Filmlab


A significant development has been made in motion picture technology in Hungary. Since September 2010 thanks to the Hungarian Filmlab 2 perforation filming is available for Arri Flex 35 mm cameras. The Magyar Filmlabor with the intention of supporting filmmakers using original picture negatives has bought the 2 perforation camera adapter of the Arri Rental Group Company. It can be used for the Arricam ST and LT models.

       The quantity of film used can be reduced to 50 %, and as a result, a reduction in processing costs also contribute to significant cost savings of the production. Ideal for cost-conscious filmmakers looking to compose a widescreen image. The 2 perforation image has a natural widescreen look, as it achieves the CinemaScope aspect ratio of 2.39:1 on standard 35mm film stock. It is also suitable for 1.85:1 and 1.78:1.
       This format disappeared at the end of the seventies, but it has been introduced again, as today's modern super fine grained film stocks and ultra sharp lenses, as well as the advent of the Digital Intermediate, all combine to achieve a 2 perforation image of superb quality.


       The Hungarian Filmlab is fully equipped for the post production of this format. We did the post-production of Róbert Pejó’s film, Látogatás/Der Kameramörder made with 2 perforation option camera in Hungarian-Austrian cooperation. (Cinematographer: Gergely Pohárnok, producer: József Berger.)
       About the conditions of the rental of the adapter information is available at our customer service or these camera rental companies.

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