Considerably large digital development in the Hungarian Filmlab

Considerably large digital development in the Hungarian Filmlab


We are continuously expanding and improving our technical background and equipments in accordance with the development strategy of the lab. As a result of our current, 1.6 million Euro worth investment, we are able to offer the full scale of laboratory services to even the huge international productions with the highest demands, from the shoting till the release prints including even the most advanced technology requiring broadcast materials.

The lab’s digital film postproduction system, in the same way as at the world’s main laboratories, performs the video dailies and the most precise frame by frame final digitalization in two entirely different systems: a separate telecine and scanner.
We have recently developed our telecine, the daVinci and the relating accessories, with the aim of reaching a system enable to process HD video dailies, commercials and broadcast materials that meet with the highest expectations.
The digital film (DI - Digital Intermediate) postproduction works are still based on the chain of Northlight scanning - Baselight colouring - Arrilaser recording, which chain will soon be improved by the capacity enlarging Northlight 2 and Baselight 4.

The equipments already at service:
Spirit HD Telecine
daVinci 2H color corrector HD option
HDCAM SR video recorder
AVID Media Composer Adrenalin HD
30 TB store capacity
LTO3 digital archiving

The equipments soon available:
TERANEX SD/HD noise reduction
Northlight 2 scanner upgrade (2K/4K/8K)
Baselight 4 (2K/4K) digital color corrector