"Good" and "100 Feet" finished their shooting


Two US fetures, the "Good" and "100 Feet" succesfully finished their shooting in Hungary at the begining of July. Both productions contracted with the Hungarian Filmlab for the laboratory regarding the shooting period.

The main actor of the award winning, 2nd World War, C.P. Taylor play is Viggo Mortensen, the Director of Photography is the three times BAFTA awarded Andrew Dunn whose previous films were for example The Bodyguard, Gosford Park and the Randiguru. Beside Mortensen, certainly several hungarian actors also play in the film, mainly smaller roles, just to mention few names: Péter Fancsikai (Mansfeld, Tibor vagyok...) and Máté Haumann (Emelet).
The horror-thriller "100 Feet" will be featuring Famke Janssen, the star of the X-Men films.

100 Feet (Director: Eric Red, DOP: Ken Kelsch)
100 Feet Production – USA, Laurin Production Kft.

Good (Director: Vicente Amorim, DOP: Andrew Dunn)
Good Films, Miromar Entertainment AG, Laurin Enterteinment Kft.