Our new digital services: DCP and Red One post production

Our new digital services: DCP and Red One post production


The spread of the digital cinema is highly progressive that is why from now on Magyar Filmlabor provides the new technology of DCP (Digital Cinema Packages) preparation to its customers. Besides, we offer to do all post production tasks related to Red One camera. We are able to offer the full scale of laboratory services to even the huge international productions with the highest demands.


DCP related services:

  • create DCP after the Baselight colour correction
  • create DCP from own material
  • edit existing DCP content adding extra soundtracks or subtitles

Red One related services:

  • convert dailies QuickTime files to edit in Avid Media Composer (DNxHD 36 and 185 format) or Final Cut Pro (ProRes SQ and HQ format)
  • we hire out Avid Media Composer to edit films shot by Red One camera
  • conform Red One related material using Avid AAF or Final Cut Pro XML files
  • read R3D files in native way by Baselight4 colour correction system
  • produce 35 mm prints, video (SD and HD) and DCP content

Should you have any questions or queries, please turn to János Polyák Video Engineer.

Contact details:

Phone: +36 1 391 0603
Mobil: +36 30 627 9806